Strengthening Food Safety: HACCP International Certifications for Five Additional Sundew Solutions Products.

Sundew Solutions HACCP International certified products
13 July 2023 – AEPMA eNewsletter Ensuring the safety of our food supply is of paramount importance. The global community has witnessed a significant rise in the demand for effective pest control measures that do not compromise public health or the environment. Sundew Solutions is excited to announce that in July 2023 HACCP International granted five additional certification approvals to: These certifications solidify Sundew Solutions’ commitment to food safety and mark a significant step forward in the battle against pests. HACCP International is recognised worldwide as a leading authority on food safety management systems. The approval of Sundew Solutions’ products signifies their adherence to the highest standards in pest control practices. This achievement highlights the effectiveness and reliability of the company’s offerings and assures consumers, regulators and industry professionals of Sundew Solutions’ commitment to food safety. The addition of these five new HACCP International products from Sundew brings the total of approvals to ten, following the certifications granted in February 2023 for: The HACCP International certification approvals for products from Sundew Solutions marks a significant milestone in the realm of food safety. These certifications testify to Sundew’s commitment to excellence and their tireless efforts to develop innovative, safe and effective solutions in pest control. As consumers and businesses alike seek assurance in the quality of products and services, Sundew Solutions has set a commendable example by achieving these certifications.  Sundew Solutions are dedicated to protecting public health, promoting food safety and leading the way towards a pest-free food safety future. To download a copy of the Sundew HACCP certificates visit  Download Page Here or email

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