4 September 2023 – AEPMA eNewsletter

Sundew Solutions’ initiative to enhance the safety of BattleaxePRO roach bait through a simple yet effective change has been commended by pest managers across Australia. By transitioning from a clear-coloured hard cap to a bright red flexible silicone one, Sundew has taken a proactive step in improving product safety. This alteration, although suggested but not mandatory by HACCP International, showcases Sundew Solutions’ commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of its consumers.

The shift to a bright red cap addresses a critical aspect of product design: visibility. Roach gel dispensing syringes often utilise plain or clear coloured caps. The introduction of a conspicuous red cap minimises the risk of accidental misplacement, reducing the likelihood of unintended loss in prepared foods. This change not only aligns with industry best practices but also demonstrates a dedication to customer protection.

Furthermore, this alteration aligns with the principles of risk management and prevention. By adopting a visible cap, Sundew Solutions aids in preventing potential accidents before they occur. “The use of a soft ‘grippy’ silicone cap also ensures an extra level of safety eliminating the possibility of accidental dislodgment often encountered with hard bodied caps”, explained David Priddy, CEO at Sundew Solutions.

Sundew Solutions’ decision to implement this modification, even when not strictly obligatory, speaks volumes about its commitment to quality and safety. Sundew sets a commendable example for others in the industry, illustrating how small changes can have a significant impact on product safety and customer satisfaction. As consumers, we can appreciate such proactive measures that prioritize our wellbeing.