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Sundew Solutions is a leading research and development company in Australia which was established in February 2009.

Sundew is a 100% Australian owned business.

The Sundew Company exists to provide the best-in-market quality professional solutions.  The basic proposition of our business is simple:  To do the best possible service for your clients you have to have the best possible solutions.

Our solutions provide confidence, credibility, and leading-edge-science that users can stake their reputations on and feel that they are doing a ‘good job’ each and every time they use a Sundew Brand.

This is the key to fulfilling our ultimate obligation to providing professional solutions.

New product updates from Sundew:

Sundew Solutions red imported fire ant solutions australia


Sundew has dedicated many years to developing a number of solutions to treat red imported fire ants and yellow crazy ants.  Sundew continues to develop new tools and techniques and is committed to eradicating these invasive tramp ant species.

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Sundew DeltaPRO is the superior formulated suspension concentrate containing 25 g/L deltamethrin for use in the control of a wide range of pests by Professional Pest Managers.

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sundew abolishpro indoxacarb cockroach bait gel
Sundew AbolishPRO Cockroach Bait Gel indoxacarb roach bait gel


Sundew AbolishPRO roach bait gel is a game changer for Professional Pest Managers in Australia.  Learn more now.

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