QuenchPRO Liquid Ant Bait
Sundew QuenchPRO Liquid Ant Bait

NAME:  Quench®PRO Liquid Ant Bait

PRODUCT TYPE:  Insecticide Liquid Bait

ACTIVE INGREDIENT:  Imidacloprid 0.05 g/kg

FORMULATION TYPE:  Ready to use Liqiud Bait

PACK SIZE:  1 x 250 mL Bottle (Order Code: SUN163)

MARKET SEGMENTS:  Contains a sweet food source in a low dose bait that is effective against many common pest ants in indoor and outdoor situations.

SDS Label Declaration Technical Bulletin

Sundew QuenchPRO Liquid Ant Bait

QuenchPRO is a ready-to-use liquid ant bait for use indoors and outdoors.  It contains a sweet based bait matrix that foraging ants are attracted to. 

Ants feed on the liquid bait which has a delayed mode of action allowing the rapid transfer back throughout the nest killing the queen and the colony.

Key Features:

  • Highly attractive, proprietary liquid bait formulation utilising imidacloprid
  • Massive 250 mL value pack bottle
  • Made in Australia
  • Researched and developed by Sundew Solutions
  • Kills the queen and destroys the colony
  • Odourless
  • Easy to use 250 mL bottle
  • Non-scheduled poison

QuenchPRO is ideal for use in combination with Sundew EnsnarePRO 50 SC Indoxacarb non-repellent insecticide.

Sundew QuenchPRO Liquid Ant Bait
Sundew QuenchPRO in action Brisbane 2022
Ants loving QuenchPRO Liquid Ant Bait
QuenchPRO Liquid Ant Bait in Action
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