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ANTagonistPRO Approved to safeguard vehicles against red imported fire ants and yellow crazy ants.

ANTagonistPRO fire ant Queensland

In a groundbreaking move for invasive tramp ant pest control in Australia, ANTagonistPRO has received official approval on the 29 November 2023 for treating vehicles*, earth-moving equipment, and shipping containers** to prevent the spread of red imported fire ants and yellow crazy ants. This marks a significant milestone in the fight against invasive ant species that […]

Important new FIRE ANT label change to ANTagonistPRO Polymer Enhanced Bifenthrin a ‘Boom’ for pest management professionals

Sundew ANTagonistPRO now approved for boom spray red imported fire ants

11 April 2023 – Published AEPMA eNewsletter Sundew is pleased to announce the update to the ANTagonistPRO 80 SC label to now allow application by boom spray for treating large areas infested with Red Imported Fire Ants. Sundew Solutions has dedicated many years of in-field research and development treating the invasive pests red imported fire […]

Five Sundew Solutions products now certified by HACCP International.

Sundew HACCP Certified-01

7 February 2023. Sundew Solutions is proud to announce that FIVE of its products are now certified by HACCP International and endorsed as suitable insecticides for use in food and beverage facilities. The following products received certification in February 2023: ANTagonistPRO 80 SC Polymer Enhanced Bifenthrin AttractANT PRO Ant Bait Gel DeltaPRO 25 SC deltamethrin […]

MaxumPRO 125 SC – the Great All Rounder has new Income Opportunities for Pest Management Professionals

Sundew MaxumPRO 125 SC Bayer Responsar Beta 125 SC betacyfluthrin 125 SC

07/03/2022 Published AEPMA Gazette Sundew MaxumPRO 125 g/L beta cyfluthrin has been a long-trusted product widely used across Australia since 2011, but now boasts exciting new pest claims that presents extra income opportunities. “MaxumPRO is a product that was developed from the ground up specifically for the professional pest segment of Australia,” said David Priddy, […]

EnsnarePRO 50SC – Important Label Update a Relief to Commercial Pest Management Professionals

Sundew EnsnarePRO 50 SC Insecticide indoxacarb non repellent non staining

06/10/2021  EnsnarePRO 50SC – Important Label Update a Relief to Commercial Pest Management Professionals With innovative new formulations and modes of action of active ingredient being available to pest management professional, product label directions don’t always keep pace with how products are used. Sundew is pleased to announce updates to EnsnarePRO50SC indoxacarb that will put […]

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