MaxumPRO 125 SC – the Great All Rounder has new Income Opportunities for Pest Management Professionals

Sundew MaxumPRO 125 SC Bayer Responsar Beta 125 SC betacyfluthrin 125 SC

07/03/2022 Published AEPMA Gazette

Sundew MaxumPRO 125 g/L beta cyfluthrin has been a long-trusted product widely used across Australia since 2011, but now boasts exciting new pest claims that presents extra income opportunities.

“MaxumPRO is a product that was developed from the ground up specifically for the professional pest segment of Australia,” said David Priddy, C.E.O at Sundew Solutions.  “From the time it was launched in 2011 pest professional have built their reputations on it.”

MaxumPRO is a water based suspension concentrate boasting the active ingredient beta cyfluthrin.  Beta cyfluthrin is a potent refined version of the original cyfluthrin active.

“MaxumPRO is affectionately known as a ‘Great All Rounder’ by those that have used it over the years,” explained David. “In recent times we’ve been asked by pest management professionals and reseller partners if we could do additional field research to expand the label to make it even more versatile.  We have set about not only looking at new pest claims to add to the label, but also new market opportunities.”

“Over the past few years we’ve seen issues of mass infestations of insect pests occurring in domestic situations, in particular pests such as armyworm and sawfly larva.  As MaxumPRO has an excellent plant safety profile and broad spectrum of activity it was our natural choice in doing screening field trials,” said David.  “MaxumPRO was trialed on a broad range of turf, ornamental, native and flowering plants as well as a plethora of differing insect pests.  The end result is a vastly improved label with over forty pest claims.”

What Does This Mean for Pest Management Professionals?

“MaxumPRO has long been trusted by pesties who use it because it does a great job each and every time.  Now with the addition of these new claims they can now confidently treat a broad range of turf and vegetative pests in domestic/commercial situations adding extra services and income streams for their businesses,” concluded David.

MaxumPRO 125 SC is available from Agserv, David Grays, Garrards and Globe.

The new label improvements will be an exciting upgrade for pest management professionals across Australia.  You can read more at or call Sundew on 1800 SUNDEW to learn more.

One thought on “MaxumPRO 125 SC – the Great All Rounder has new Income Opportunities for Pest Management Professionals

  1. Tammy Applegate says:

    I have been using maxum pro for many years in our pest control business. In fact, we started using this when you brought it out in 2012 and never looked back. For internal jobs it is fantastic. No staining, no smell … but does an amazing job. Never had a call back. These new updates to the label are fantastic. Now we can offer turf and ornamental services to our valued clients. Keep up the good work sundew!

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