Monthly Archives: December 2017

New ‘Smart Kill Technology’ from Sundew

Sundew EnsnarePRO 50 SC indoxacarb with smart kill tech

14 Dec 2017 New ‘Smart Kill Technology’ from Sundew Sundew is excited to announce the release of its keenly anticipated ENSNARE PRO 50SC with Smart Kill Technology™.   EnsnarePRO is a non-repellent residual suspension concentrate spray. It can be used in conjunction with baits without reducing the performance there performance.  Ants, cockroaches and flies don’t know […]

Imagine never having to decant dust ever again

Sundew StarrdustPRO Duckbill Duster on Makita battery blower

05/12/2017 Imagine Never Having to Decant Dust Ever Again! Two exciting new innovations from Sundew Solutions are set to change the way inseciticidal dusting is done: the StarrdustPRO DUCKBILL Duster and the StarrdustPRO ‘ONE-SHOT’ 400g pod. “For as long as I can remember pest controllers have complained about how messy and time wasting decanting insecticidal […]

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