New ‘Smart Kill Technology’ from Sundew

Sundew EnsnarePRO 50 SC indoxacarb with smart kill tech

14 Dec 2017 New ‘Smart Kill Technology’ from Sundew

Sundew is excited to announce the release of its keenly anticipated ENSNARE PRO 50SC with Smart Kill Technology™.   EnsnarePRO is a non-repellent residual suspension concentrate spray.

It can be used in conjunction with baits without reducing the performance there performance.  Ants, cockroaches and flies don’t know it’s there.  The ‘non-repellent’ properties of this formulation does not interfere with insects natural behaviour and allows for greater exposure (and thus uptake) to eradicate hard to control populations.  EnsnarePRO is exceptional for the control of heavy cockroach infestations in commercial and other situations.

At the heart of EnsnarePRO is the powerful active, indoxacarb which is bio-activated by the internal enzymes in target insects.  The internal enzymes convert EnsnarePRO into an even more potent insecticide. The added advantage of this bio-active process is the slight delay in control ensures the target pest transfers EnsnarePRO to other insects thus providing enhanced population control – that’s our Smart Kill Technology™ at work.

Extensive field trials by Sundew demonstrate that EnsnarePRO provides excellent control of cockroaches and ants and can be successfully used in conjunction with gel baits.

EnsnarePRO also boasts two fly control claims.  When applied to surfaces its non-repellent properties means that flies don’t know it there.  In addition, pest management professionals can add sugar to the tank mix in order to turn EnsnarePRO into a very potent fly bait.

Unlike dusty wettable powder formulations, EnsarePRO utilises the advanced formulation technique, Controlled Particle Technology™, so that it doesn’t leave unsightly visible stains on important surfaces.

EnsnarePRO is available in an easy-measure 1 liter chamber pack from Agserv, David Grays, Garrards and Globe Pest Solutions.

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