Sundew StarrdustPRO Dust Celebrating 8 Years

Sundew StarrdustPRO insecticidal dusting powder permethrin dust
9th June 2023 – Published AEPMA eNewsletter Sundew is celebrating the 8 year anniversary since the launch of Australia’s first dual active industrial strength dusting powder.  Launched in May 2015, StarrdustPRO boasts double strength 40:60 cis permethrin PLUS the insect growth regulator, triflumuron. The 40:60 cis permethrin found in StarrdustPRO is essentially twice the potency of simple 25:75 cis found in other dusts.  What does this mean to you?  This means a more efficient kill and you get twice the bang for your buck when you choose StarrdustPRO. Insecticidal dusting remains an important tool in pest management as they are safe to use around electrical systems and air flow allows controlled drift deep into voids and cavities where other treatments cannot penetrate.  It is safe to use in large voids such as roof and wall cavities and does not absorb into porous surfaces. StarrdustPRO is MADE IN AUSTRALIA by a family owned business here in Melbourne.  With the turbulent times we find ourselves operating in, we know Australian pest management professionals have their choice of dusting products.  A good question to ask yourself is “Where is my dust made?”. To help celebrate 8 years since the launch of StarrdustPRO, Sundew is giving away six Limited Edition StarrdustPRO bar runners perfect for the bar or pool room.  Simply email your name, business name and address to to go in the draw.  Competition drawn Friday 23rd June and results published on the Sundew Facebook page.

One thought on “Sundew StarrdustPRO Dust Celebrating 8 Years

  1. Scott Carter says:

    I’ve been using stardustpro since the day you guys launched it. It’s the only dust me and my 6 technicians use. It is the best flowing dust with fantastic flush and kill. Made in Australia and supplied by an Aussie family business. The best

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