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11 May 2023 – Published AEPMA eNewsletter Reports are coming in thick and fast from pest management professionals across NSW, VIC, TAS and SA that European wasp populations have exploded over the past month. At this time of year European wasp nests are at their peak in size.  Colonies change their focus to producing vast numbers of queens and males.  These will mate before the queens seek sheltered spots to go into hibernation for the winter months emerging again in early spring to start the cycle over again. LEADING RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT IN AUSTRALIA Sundew Solutions are the first company to register a remote toxicant baiting program with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).  A range of European wasp products are sold in Australia under the brand Sundew VESPEX. Presently, the Sundew VESPEX products are the only APVMA approved solutions for remote baiting of European wasp nests. NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME This time of season is a perfect time to be implementing a treatment to eliminate entire nests using the Sundew VESPEX European wasp baiting program.  A toxicant bait is made combining Sundew VESPEX European Wasp Lure with Sundew EnsnarePRO 50 SC indoxacarb non-repellent insecticide.  The liquid bait is then dispensed into VESPEX Baiting Tunnels for European wasps to feed on and take back to the nest for total colony elimination.  Typically, nests are controlled in <14 days. HOW DO I BECOME A SUNDEW VESPEX ACCREDITED SPECIALIST? Sundew is committed to meeting good product stewardship standards, which includes ensuring that people who use the products are fully aware of the correct techniques of usage and understand their obligations.  For this reason Sundew has created the VESPEX Accredited Specialist program. The VESPEX Accredited Specialist program was created to provide detailed training on how to effectively implement a baiting treatment for maximum effect. To learn more about becoming a VESPEX Accredited Specialist CLICK HERE or contact Rowan Gregson at rowan@sundewsolutions.com.au or call 0422 403 556.

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