Monthly Archives: April 2023

Important new FIRE ANT label change to ANTagonistPRO Polymer Enhanced Bifenthrin a ‘Boom’ for pest management professionals

Sundew ANTagonistPRO now approved for boom spray red imported fire ants

11 April 2023 – Published AEPMA eNewsletter Sundew is pleased to announce the update to the ANTagonistPRO 80 SC label to now allow application by boom spray for treating large areas infested with Red Imported Fire Ants. Sundew Solutions has dedicated many years of in-field research and development treating the invasive pests red imported fire […]

StarrdustPRO – Take a Closer Look

Sundew StarrdustPRO australias leading insecticidal dust

Autumn 2023 – Published PROFESSIONAL PEST MANAGER magazine When it was launched in 2015, StarrdustPRO Industrial Strength Insecticidal Dusting Powder offered something unique for pest management professionals – a dust product containing double strength permethrin. However, the dust offers more benefits than meets the eye. Firstly, not only does StarrdustPRO contain double strength 20 g/kg […]

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