Sundew Solutions – the Rise of the Aussie Innovator

Sundew Solutions David Priddy

Sundew Solutions – the Rise of the Aussie Innovator

If you asked pest management professionals if they’d heard of the company ‘Sundew Solutions’ twelve years ago, only a select few would have known the name.  Move forward to 2021 and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in the industry that didn’t know about the brand reputation, let alone not have one or many of Sundew’s trusted products in the back of their work truck.

Sundew Solutions was founded in February 2009 and was the brainchild of David Priddy.  David previously had ten years with Bayer in the roles of Professional Pest Business Manager Australia, Consumer Home Garden Business Manager Australia/New Zealand, and Marketing Manager Horticulture Australia.

The Rise of ‘The Innovator’

Sundew is a leading research and development company in Australia which was established with a focus to supply innovative world class pest solutions to pest management professionals.

“With over 25 Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) approvals during this time, Sundew presently exceeds its peers in developing innovative state-of-the-art formulations and technology for the professional pest management segment,” explained David.

“I’m often asked about how we have grown such a successful brand.  It would have been infinitely easier to just make cheap generic copies of everyone else’s products and import them in from Asia – but long term I could see there was no future for this strategy in Australia.  Sundew’s success is attributed to developing unique innovative leading tech formulation advantages that give pest management professionals ‘the edge’ when doing pest treatments,” he said.

Australian Owned and Operated

Sundew Solutions is a family owned 100% Australian business, employing local families and manufacturing facilities in Australia and New Zealand to produce all of its products.  Sundew utilise the services of local research companies, registration professionals, and chemical laboratories that are local Australian businesses.

“With all the craziness in the world presently with COVID it has highlighted to many Australians our reliance on China as a supplier.  Sundew has seen a massive rally of support for local Aussie family businesses.  Pesties are reaching out to us daily wanting to know what other products of ours they can support in their day to day business.”

“It makes us very proud and humble to be able to contribute in a positive way to pesties’ businesses across Australia.  When you have a pestie ring you and say they’ve been doing pest control for 35 years and the Sundew product they are using is the most significant ‘game-changer’ they’ve seen in that time makes it all worthwhile.  The support and amazing feedback we receive keeps us motivated to continually strive to develop new and exciting solutions for the industry – we love what we do,” concluded David.

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