Sundew Setting the Pace in New Formulation Science

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07/07/2013 Sundew Sets the Pace in Formulation Technology

Sundew Solutions is a family company, 100% Australian owned and operated  It was established in 2009 and is a research and development enterprise focused on supplying specialist high quality products for the modern professional pest manager.

Sundew commercially launched its first three products in May 2011 with the introduction of BattleaxePRO®, DeltaPRO® and MaxumPRO®.  The products DeltaPRO® and MaxumPRO® boast the world first introduction of Controlled Particle Technology™ (CPT) and Transigel Rheology System™ (TRS) to their formulations.  The unique combination of these advanced technologies gives substantial advantages to professional users of DeltaPRO® and MaxumPRO® that no other product on the market delivers.

Sundew is an Aussie owned business employing local families and manufacturing facilities in Australia and New Zealand.   As part of our core value, we utilise the services of local research companies, registration professionals, and chemical laboratories.  In this time of Global Financial Crisis Sundew believes strongly in supporting and investing locally.

Sundew is focused on putting innovation and quality back into the Australian market and is focused on bringing the BEST formulated products to professional users.  Sundew believes that in order for pest managers to provide professional services, they must be provided with the best products and tools to do the job.

With innovation in mind, the team at Sundew have brought to market two revolutionary ant products which are set to change the way ant control is done by pest professionals.  In March of 2013 the world’s first non-repellent polymer enhanced synthetic pyrethroid bifenthrin (ANTagonistPRO®) and world first fipronil silica granule (SAS PRO®) were unleashed on the market.  Pest professionals across Australia are experiencing first hand the unique properties of these cutting edge formulation technologies and are treating ant jobs with confidence and no call backs.


If you consider yourself a leading pest professional keen on supporting Australian business and want to use the best products that money can buy, then ask for Sundew products by name.

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