Innovative NEW Ant Products Crush Ant Problems

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4 Dec 2013 Innovative NEW Ant Products Crush Ant Problems

“Sugar, oil, protein or carbohydrate feeding ants – it doesn’t matter anymore.  ANTagnoist®PRO and SAS PRO® control the lot.”

“ANTagonist®PRO has been developed from the ground up.  It is totally unique.  Nothing on the Australian market compares or even comes close to it.  This is a ‘game changer’ for the control of ants by pest management professionals,” an enthusiastic Mr David Priddy, owner of Sundew Solutions remarked.

ANTagonist has been developed as a surface treatment specifically for the control of ants.  It has been designed to overcome the difficulties experienced by current surface treatments when working in Australia’s harsh outdoor environment.  Variations in ph, organic content, UV breakdown, wash-off, heat and repellency have contributed to ant control being very limited by current spray and bait application.

ANTagonistPRO was specifically designed as an ant killer with six unique characteristics built into its formulation:

  1. Utilisation of a special polymer enhanced formulation (not to be confused with microencapsulation) giving the ANTagonist a non-repellency performance – ants won’t know what hit them
  2. Added rain fastners ensures the product is not washed away giving you extra long-term control of ants
  3. ANTagonist is UV Energised – when the sun comes out after rain, the product’s performance is ‘re-invigorated’
  4. Rapid knock down for the first 72 hours to please your customers
  5. Season long ant control due to formulation specialty
  6. Smart Kill Technology – ANTagonist is transferred from one ant to another through normal social insect behaviour resulting in total colony eradication

While ANTagonistPRO has been developed specifically as an ant control product, feedback from pest managers has indicated that this product is also excellent on ground dwelling spiders, cockroaches and fleas.  Additional registrations will be investigated for these pests as time progresses.

The second new innovative tool in the fight against ants available from Sundew is its SAS PRO (an acronym for Sundew Ant Silica) which is a fipronil coated especially high quality graded quartz carrier.  This is the first fipronil granule available to professional pest managers in Australia.

“We’ve done significant work on various non-repellent insecticide actives on granules for the treatment of pest.  Traditional repellent granules do nothing other than push ants to another area, not resolving the initial issue,” explained David.

“Our field work soon showed the new fipronil based SAS PRO just decimated treated ant populations.”

SAS PRO has label claims for funnel ants in commercial turf situations, golf courses, bowling greens, sports fields etc, as well as nuisance ants in lawns, gardens, between pavers, potted plants, etc.

“As part of a total ant eradication solution we are recommending that ANTagonistPRO is applied as a perimeter spray and treatment to walls, concrete, paths, driveways, trees and other hard surfaces.  SAS PRO is perfect for application to lawns, garden beds, potted plants, between pavers, around shrubs, ant trails and nests, etc” concluded David.

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