QuenchPRO – A New Tool for Treating Nuisance Ants

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December 2022 – Published Australian PROFESSIONAL PEST MANAGER Magazine.

Sundew is pleased to announce the newest bait formulation in its extensive range of ant solutions – QuenchPRO Liquid Ant Bait.

Sundew QuenchPRO is effective on most ant species including Argentine ants, Pharaoh ants, ghost ants, common house ants and a host of other nuisance ant species. It can be used indoors and outdoors and its innovative carbohydrate bait matrix ensures it will continue to perform long after it has been applied.

Sundew QuenchPRO is a non-scheduled, odourless, clear-coloured treatment, making this an excellent choice to use in sensitive areas. The bait features a delayed mode of action (‘Smart kill technology’) allowing transfer to the nest for total colony elimination.

Made in Australia, QuenchPRO comes in a convenient 250 ml bottle with pharmaceutical tip applicator for professional application and no-leak storage.

As part of an integrated pest management strategy, Sundew recommends using QuenchPRO Ant Bait Liquid in combination with Sundew EnsnarePRO 50 suspension concentrate indoxacarb non-repellent for best results.

QuenchPRO Ant Bait Liquid is available now from Agserv, Garrards, David Grays and Globe Pest Solutions.

To learn more about QuenchPRO Ant Bait Liquid click here>

Sundew QuenchPRO yum yum
Sundew QuenchPRO yum yum

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