BattleaxePRO – the Original Tool of Choice – not for Sissies!

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06/06/2012 The Original Tool of Choice not for Sissies.

Sundew Solutions brought back the market leading crack and crevice aerosol that pesties knew and loved, but with a twist.

Based on the original three way mix of the much loved Blattanex, Sundew re-introduced BattleaxePRO® Professional Crack and Crevice Aerosol in June 2011.

“But we were determined not to just bring the product back, but to improve on the original,” explained David Priddy, owner of Sundew Solutions.

“We kept all the core features that made the product a success like the three-way mix of propoxur, tetramethrin, and PBO, the special 360 degree valve that allows the product to be sprayed at any angle, and the extra large industrial 420 gram pack”, said David.  “But then we sat down with our aerosol engineers and worked on enhancing the performance of the product to take it beyond where it had been before.”

“First we started with the fragrance in the product.  It’s hard to mask the smell of propoxur, but we took the edge off it by introducing a new fragrance called ‘Blue Steel’.”

“We then looked at tweaking the pressure of the can to give superior dispersion of the product into cracks and voids.  Comparing against the old product we were able to improve its performance characteristics so that the product would penetrate a further 15% beyond the predecessor product giving BattleaxePRO® unparalleled control of pests in voids,” continued David.

“The next trick was to review the extension nozzle used to reach into cracks and crevices.  You’d think something as simple as an extension nozzle would come straight off the shelf.  We reviewed all current nozzles used and found that they had poor dispersion, or caused squirting and pulsating of product.  So we went back to scratch to have our nozzles custom extruded and made extra long with a larger internal bore to enhance the products’ performance.”

“BattleaxePRO® is the only aerosol you’ll find in our technician’s vehicles,” explained lead techo, Derek Davies from Allgon Pest Control, Brisbane.  “We’ve tried other sissy products on the market and come back to the original product of choice, BattleaxePRO®.”

“We have used aerosols that come out of the can like cottage cheese, are weak water based formulations, are stinky lingering pungent packs, or the cans leak out of the welded seam of the pack.  They’re all a joke and should be boycotted by pesties,” Derek exclaimed.

“BattleaxePRO® is the all-in-one aerosol that we need to do the job right, first time, every time.  Often when we get to a commercial kitchen we don’t know how big a problem they have until we apply it into the hidden nooks and crannies.  When we use BattleaxePRO® we soon find out what we’re dealing with”, continued Derek.

“There are a few specialty products entering the market now, but with cashflow and stock holdings important factors to manage, we can’t be carrying around several brands of aerosols in all of our technician’s vehicles.  It’s just not a practical proposition.  We need a versatile tool that can handle a multitude of situations.  BattleaxePRO® is the simple answer.”

“I had some angry wasps at a job that needed doing in Acacia Ridge the other week and I treated it with BattleaxePRO®.  The wasps just simply dropped from mid air with this product.  Absolutely superb.”

“BattleaxePRO® has the broadest label claims, including bed bugs, of any aerosol on the market.  We’re doing more bed bug jobs these days and this product forms an important part of our tool kit when treating these persistent pests.  We can reach for it with confidence on any job we attend.”

“BattleaxePRO® is the best product by far.  My dad has been in the pest control game for over 30 years and this is the only aerosol he uses.  It’s at the top of the game,” concluded Derek.

BattleaxePRO® is Australian made and sold nationally through the chemical reseller network.

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