Sundew Announces Royalty Income for Life Competition Winner Andrew Taylor – Altrex Pest Control NSW

Andrew Taylor_Altrex Pest Control

15 Feb 2013 Sundew Announces Royalty Income for Life Competition Winner Andrew Taylor – Altrex Pest Control NSW

Pest controllers have demonstrated their innovative product ideas for the future with Sundew Solutions’ new promotion to win a royalty income for life.

“We were overwhelmed with the response to our promotional campaign with over 100 innovative new idea entries submitted by pest controllers across the country,” said David Priddy, owner of Sundew Solutions.

Unfortunately, not everyone can win and the judges and I had to make a final call on an overall winner.

“To make things fair, we had to devise a matrix and scoring system based on how innovative the idea was, and various commercial aspects of bringing a new product to market.  Some of these included ease of development, ability to register with the APVMA, portfolio widening, and commercial value,” continued David.

“When all projects were collated, scored and added up our overall winner was Andrew Taylor from Altrex Pest Control in New South Wales.”

“We’d love to tell the Aussie market about Andrew’s brilliant idea for a new pest control product, but that’s not going to happen as we like to keep our development projects close to our chests,” explained David.

“With so many excellent ideas submitted, we’d like to be able to make everybody winners, so we’ve informed those lucky entries that we’d like to continue discussions for future development of their ideas as resources become available to develop them further.”

Because of Sundew’s unique business structure, they are able to develop new products from the ground up rather than having products pushed downstream from overseas development projects.  This way Sundew is able to custom make products that are developed, trialed and specially made for the Australia pest management professional.

“The Income for Life Competition hit a real chord with pest controllers and resellers, so we’ve implemented a portal on our Sundew website called ‘Ideas Central’ where anybody can submit ideas for new products for the pest segment and if we are able to bring them to market, the person who submitted the idea will have the opportunity to benefit financially from this,” explained David.

Anyone with ideas for new and innovative products should email and we can see if its possible to commercialise them!

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