New Science Delivers Blow to German Cockroaches

26/03/2021 New Science Delivers Blow to German Cockroaches

Sundew Solutions innovative new Controlled Particle Technology™ and Transigel Rheology System™ incorporated in DeltaPRO® 25 SC has proved deadly on pesky German Roaches in Adelaide.

“This product is absolutely amazing” an excited Neil Raw, owner of Innovative Pest Consultants in Adeliade exclaimed.

“I had a major infestation of German Cockroaches in some public housing facilities that I had to treat.  However, I didn’t realise how big the problem was until I applied Sundew DeltaPRO through a B&G Portable Aersol System.  I applied the product to all the usual places they like to get up into and the roaches came out of every nook and cranny like I’ve never experienced before”, explained Neil.

“Forget about dusting.  This technically advanced product, in combination with the B&G system exceeded what I’ve seen before.  Not only did it flush these pests from their hidden nooks and crannies, but it bowled them over delivering unbelievable efficacy to make me (and the customer) very happy”.

“With the number of inferior cheap generic products which have no place in our business, it’s refreshing to see a locally owned and operated business like Sundew Solutions offering state-of-the-art technically superior products to the trade”, stated Neil.

“Sundew DeltaPRO® 25 SC Professional Insecticide (25g/L deltamethrin) is two and a half times stronger than other deltamethrin products on the market”, explained David.

“Its formulated in an innovative way incorporating two unique formulation technologies;  Controlled Particle Technology™ (CPT) and Transigel Rheology System™ (TRS)”, continued David.

“Our studies have shown that very small particles (10,000ths of a mm) provide a rapid knockdown and flushing effect, while the larger particles typically found in an SC (100ths of a mm) provide the best residual control on all surfaces.  Sundew has targeted the optimum mix of both particle sizes using a unique approach called Controlled Particle Technology.  This is unlike any other Suspension Concentrate product on the market and why it is so deadly on pests like German Cockroaches.”

“Trasigel Rheology System is a new thickening system unique to Sundew.  The thickener forms a transient network throughout the product so that when it is at rest the product behaves like a solid.  As soon as the bottle is tipped this network is broken allowing the product to flow with a very low viscocity.  This provides a product which is guaranteed never to sediment in the pack while having superior dilution properties when added to the spray tank.

“Mr Priddy explained the science of the product to me at the Rapids Solutions Conference last year and I decided to give the product a go.  I’m so happy I did”, concluded Mr Raw.

The team at Sundew believe their DeltaPRO to be the best formulated deltamethrin product on the Australian market and offer a product replacement guarantee that it will not ‘sediment out’ in its original container.

DeltaPRO is a highly versatile product and is available from Agserv, Garrards and Globe outlets across Australia.

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