VESPEX A NEW Income Stream for Pest Management Professionals

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As an industry we find ourselves operating in unprecedented turbulent times. Now more than ever, pest management professionals are looking for new income streams. Sundew shares an exciting opportunity that many are embracing with outstanding results.

“Your VESPEX European wasp baiting product is simply amazing. I made over $13,000 in new business in a single month, and I didn’t even do a single VESPEX treatment,” was the phone call that David Priddy, C.E.O at Sundew Solutions received from a very excited Victorian pest management professional in March 2021.

“How did you make that much money so quickly?” asked David.

“Firstly I put a low cost paid editorial in my local community paper talking about the new VESPEX baiting program that was now available for remote treatment of European wasp nests and the moment the papers hit the public my phone lit up like a Christmas tree. I was known as the local wasp expert,” explained the pestie.

“But how did you make over $13,000 without doing a single VESPEX treatment, when your editorial was about doing VESPEX baiting?” quizzed David.

“Because my story was about the new VESPEX baiting system, I got calls because I was seen as the European wasp expert. I did this entire turnover in direct nest treatments using StarrdustPRO,” he explained.

“However, this $13,000 was just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been contracted to do VESPEX baiting programs at schools, childcare centres, cafes, restaurants, pubs, farms, government buildings, and domestic premises. All ongoing pay-per-visit business,” he said.

“Because of the uniqueness of VESPEX I’ve been able to pick up a whole new breadth of customers, who once seeing the fantastic program results are asking me to do all manner of additional pest treatments for them.” “Not to mention all the referral business I’ve received from this amazing Sundew product,” he concluded.

With Spring just around the corner, and European wasp queens already being reported active in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, now is the time to sign up to become a VESPEX Accredited Specialist.

As a bonus to pest management professionals, Sundew has created a consumer website at where homeowners can learn about European wasps, and then locate a Vespex Accredited Specialist in their area to conduct treatments.

To find out when the next VESPEX Accredited Specialist course is on contact Rowan Gregson (Sundew Technical Solutions Advisor) at or call on 0422 403 556.

sundew VESPEX accredited specialist european wasp baiting
sundew VESPEX accredited specialist european wasp baiting

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