Take a Closer Look – New AbolishPRO Cockroach Bait

Sundew CEO David Priddy Excited about AbolishPRO Cockroach Bait

05/05/2022 Published PWAPM Gazette

A highly palatable, novel industry-first bait matrix is reinvigorating pest management professionals’ interest in putting the squeeze on roaches.

“In over 30 years of pest management we’ve never seen bait like Sundew AbolishPRO Cockroach Gel,” said Neil Raw, owner Innovative Pest Control SA.  “Brendan (technician) and I have been putting AbolishPRO through its paces at some extreme sites and it’s producing results we’ve never seen before.  At one site we had factored in two follow ups, and at each visit all we found was masses of dead cockroaches.  Our client was ecstatic with our results.”

Pest managers from across Australia were very excited when Sundew launched AttractANT PRO Ant Bait Gel powered by indoxacarb, packaged in the industry’s first ready to use squeeze tube back in December 2018.  From that very first day pest management professionals wanted to know when Sundew would bring out a roach bait gel in the same user-friendly delivery mechanism.

“We already had a very popular cockroach gel – BattleaxePRO Roach Bait Gel utilising the active ingredient fipronil.  The bait in this product has been modified over the past few years to provide the longest lasting palatable matrix.  In order to provide pest technicians with an alternate bait matrix meant we had to start from scratch with our product research and development,” said David Priddy, C.E.O at Sundew Solutions.

Sundew BattleaxePRO Cockroach Gel Bait (fipronil) is a carbohydrate based attractant matrix.  To the cockroach, BattleaxePRO Cockroach Gel is basically a beautiful sweet donut.

“We get really excited screening different potential attractants not normally used in traditional bait products and then using our innovative formulation science to incorporate these into a versatile gel matrix.  I’m pleased to announce that we’ve succeeded in combining the lot in another industry first with AbolishPRO Roach Bait Gel,” continued David.

New AbolishPRO Cockroach Gel (indoxacarb) is a unique combination of two types of protein (one animal based, the other plant based) and two complex carbohydrate attractants (neither of which is sugar).  To a cockroach AbolishPRO is basically a juicy burger and sweet shake.

“Not only do the unique proteins and carbohydrate attractants in AbolishPRO Cockroach Gel make this the ideal rotation when using Sundew BattleaxePRO Roach Gel, but the use of two completely different active ingredients gives you confidence of never having to worry about insecticide resistance or bait aversion occurring,” said David excitedly.

Sundew AbolishPRO Roach Bait Gel in extra-large 50 gram easy squeeze tube applicator is available from Agserv, David Grays, Garrards and Globe and is an exciting upgrade for pest management professionals across Australia.  You can read more about Abolish PRO cockroach bait gel here>

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