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Sundew Solutions a family owned 100% Australian business

As an industry, during these uncertain times we should all be pulling together to help each other. Aussies have had it all in the past 6 months – drought, fires, floods and now a pandemic. The only thing certain is uncertainty.

One weakness that COVID-19 has brought to everyone’s attention is the reliance we have on China and overseas suppliers. It’s now more than ever that we each need to do our part to support local Aussie businesses to keep the wheels spinning.

“When you buy Sundew products, you know that you are supporting a family business, 100% Australian owned,” said David Priddy, owner of Sundew Solutions. “We’re (Sundew) an Aussie family business, just like the pest management professionals that make up the Australian Pest Management industry.”
“Our profits go back into the community through employees, consultants, research & development, new product registrations with the APVMA and a host of Australian made products from Aussie family businesses,” continued David.

“A great example is StarrdustPRO Insecticidal Dusting Powder,” explains David. “StarrdustPRO was developed by Sundew in Australia where the process of registering it for use by pest controllers involved employing separate family owned local consultants to develop the formulation, conduct field trials, test chemistry/storage stability and submit applications to the APVMA for approval.”

“But it didn’t end there,” continued David. “StarrdustPRO is proudly made in Australia – the buckets and lids are injection moulded by an Australia owned family business, the labels are printed on Australian paper at an Australian owned family printer in Croydon VIC, the talc comes from mines in South Australia and the final product is formulated in Dandenong, VIC by an Australian owned family business. The FREE Scunnel in each bucket is a Sundew invention that is manufactured using Australian recycled plastic, at an Australian owned family business in Braeside, VIC.”

“When you choose to buy Sundew Solutions products, you know you are supporting a magnificent family owned, 100% Australian business – you are supporting the local industry,” concluded David.

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Sundew Solutions a family owned 100% Australian business
Sundew Solutions a family owned 100% Australian business

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