PESTIE DOTZ – New Australian Innovation to Improve Professionalism of Gel Bait Placements

Sundew Pestie Dotz Australian innovation

13 Oct 2014 PESTIE DOTZ – New Australian Innovation to Improve Professionalism of Gel Bait Placements

“When I first show PESTIE DOTZ (a sample strip is enclosed with this edition of Professional Pest Manager Magazine) to pest management professionals they’re amazed no one has come up with them before,” an enthusiastic Mr David Priddy, owner of Sundew Solutions remarked.

“While conducting research with pest controllers and end customers we realised there were a lot of issues with the way ant and cockroach gel baits were being applied,” commented David.  “Basically end consumers thought that globs of brown bait spotted all over their kitchen areas were messy and disgusting, while pest managers found it frustrating that they didn’t know whether baits were being consumed or cleaned away by customers.  As one customer stated – ‘professional unprofessoinal’.”

Some of the other finding the research company came back with on the way gel baits were being applied:

  • Gel baits leave unsightly globs of bait.
  • It is difficult to identify where baits have been placed previously raising the question as to whether the baits had been consumed or have they been cleaned away by the client?
  • Clients inadvertently clean away treatments because they mistake them for kitchen grime.
  • Unprofessional perception by customers when they see brown gel stains left on their pristine white laminate kitchens.
  • Difficulty for the pest management professional to monitor bait consumption – have the baits been consumed or wiped away by the customer – or ‘where did I apply the gel last time’?
  • Gel baits losing moisture into the applied surfaces rendering them less palatable and less effective
  • White coloured gel baits are nice, but how do you monitor or find the treatments on a repeat visit?

“This lead us to work closely with a world class professional in the material science sector to develop a specific product to address all of these issues and come up with a patented product called PESTIE DOTZ.”

PESTIE DOTZ® is a professional polymer platform onto which gel baits can be applied.  PESTIE DOTZ® incorporates a microscopic suction cap technology that allows them to be attached to flat smooth surfaces without tearing or leaving any residues when removed – they are easily removed at any time.

Sundew Solutions Pestie Dotz can be written on with standard ball point pen for professional record keeping
Sundew Solutions Pestie Dotz can be written on with standard ball point pen for professional record keeping

“They are not a sticker.  Far from it,” explains David.  “The first thing you will notice is there is no glue on the back of PESTIE DOTZ.  Our clever product uses suction technology so that it adheres to standard surfaces found in commercial and residential situations.  It can be easily removed by after application without causing damage or leaving any residues on the applied surface – it just lifts off.  It’s quite amazing technology for such a simple thing.”

PESTIE DOTZ are packed with a heap of key features that make this the new standard in gel bait application:

  1.   Constructed from a tough polymer that won’t tear or leave any visible residues when removed – EVER!
  2.   They allow quick identification of where bait placements have been made so you can quickly monitor bait consumption.
  3.   Each PESTIE DOTZ has a 5mm indicator ring to allow you to accurately apply gel as per product label.
  4.   The polymer construction prevents moisture loss of gel baits into the treated surface that they are applied to to help improve bait performance and longevity.
  5.   Each PESTIE DOTZ has a fluorescent locator ring printed on it which, when exposed to black light torch, allows easy location in dark spaces.
  6.   PESTIE DOTZ provides a visual indicator to pest management professionals and customers to monitor bait consumption.
  7.   PESTIE DOTZ are a professional presentation platform onto which bait gels are applied, compared to smearing gobs of brown gel throughout a customer’s premises.
  8.   PESTIE DOTZ clearly designates to customers that a pest baiting treatment is in progress and that this is not kitchen waste stuck to the insides of cupboards.

On average it was found gel baits were being applied five times above label rate meaning that anywhere from forty to eighty cents was being wasted on each dot application.  This might not seem like much, but when you multiply this by the number of applications per job and the number of technicians you have on the road this can quickly add up to thousands of dollars wasted per annum.  The PESTIE DOTZ ready reckoner ring guides users to the optimum bait size placement.

PESTIE DOTZ are available through Agserv, David Grays, Garrards, and Globe.

Aussie Sundew innovation Pestie Dotz in action_2014
Aussie Sundew innovation Pestie Dotz in action.

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