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Sundew StarrdustPRO Industrial Strength Dusting Powder

28 Oct 2015 Cutting Edge Science for Pest Management

Sundew Solutions is leading the way with its unique formulation technologies in MaxumPRO and NEW StarrdustPRO to give professional pest managers an unfair advantage in pest treatment.

Sundew MaxumPRO® 125 SC Professional Insecticide (125g/L betacyfluthrin) has all the attributes that you would expect from a modern professional being able to be used indoors and outdoors, and is highly stable in sunlight, high temperatures and on alkaline surfaces.

“MaxumPRO is effective against many pests.  It has a highly effective flushing action, displays great knockdown properties and has a long lasting residual action,” said David Priddy, owner of Sundew Solutions.

“But any similarity with other products in the market place ends there,” an excited Mr Priddy said.

“MaxumPRO is formulated in a unique and innovative way, unlike other SCs available.  Two formulation technologies unique to MaxumPRO are Controlled Particle Technology™ (CPT) and Transigel Rheology System™ (TRS),” explained David.

“Our studies have shown that very small particles (10,000ths of a mm) provide a rapid knockdown and flushing effect, while the larger particles typically found in an SC (100ths of a mm) provide the best residual control on all surfaces.  Sundew has targeted the optimum mix of both particle sizes using a unique approach called Controlled Particle Technology.  This is unlike any other Suspension Concentrate product on the market.”

South Sydney Pest Control has been won over by MaxumPRO’s leading technology for controlling bed bugs; “Normally we use a two pronged attack with deltamethrin, but we have found MaxumPRO controls them in just one application with no call backs since we started using it back in late 2011,” said owner Jason Simpson.

“Once MaxumPRO is applied you will notice there is NO smell or chalky residue to make your clients unhappy.  Homes with kids, pets and plants are no problem with MaxumPRO …. What can I say, I love the product.  It makes my job so easy.”

Jason Simpson South Sydney Pest Control loves MaxumPRO 125SC Betacyfluthrin

The latest product to hit the pest industry and change the way dusting is being done is StarrdustPRO industrial strength insecticidal dust.  It is the world’s only dual active dust incorporating double strength permethrin with the more purified 60:40 cis for improved performance PLUS the insect growth regulator – Triflumuron.  Recently completed Australian field trials have shown that StarrdustPRO delivers unprecedented control of German cockroaches for up to 12 months.

“It’s widely known that the standard permethrin dusts in the market only last up to 3 months at best”, said David.  “That’s why we developed the only dual active dust incorporating Triflumuron.  The triflumuron in StarrdustPRO provides long-term control of cockroach nymphs so that the breeding cycle is broken.  Triflumuron is a long lasting active which acts as a chitin synthesis inhibitor disrupting the production of the new exoskeleton, killing the nymphs as they attempt to moult.”

“I’m astounded with this new StarrdustPRO”, claimed Jason.  “Commerical jobs where I’ve had issues with nymphs hatching after I’ve dusted using ordinary dust are not a problem with StarrdustPRO.  The ‘SCUNNEL’ (scoop/funnel) Sundew have come up with is an industry first and I’m now using more dust than I ever have because of this ground breaking product.”

“I think Sundew products are the new benchmark for the rest of the industry to follow.  David Priddy is the ‘Dick Smith’ of pest control,” concluded Jason.

MaxumPRO and StarrdustPRO along with all other quality Sundew products are available through Agserv, David Gray, Jade Chemical, Garrards, Globe and ServeAg outlets across Australia

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