#1. Question 1. Pestie Dotz use glue to make them stick permanently to surfaces. True or False?

Answer:  False.

Pestie Dotz have thousands of microscopic suction caps so that it is not permanent and can be easily removed without causing damage to the surface it is attached to.

#2. Question 2. What are Pestie Dotz made from?

#3. Question 3. How does Pestie Dotz save you money?

#4. Question 4. Will Pestie Dotz stick to porous surfaces e.g. cloth, concrete, cement board. Y or N?

Answer:  No

Because Pestie Dotz uses suction technology they won’t adhere to porous surfaces.  We normally wouldn’t apply gel to porous surfaces as the gel would lose its moisture as well as cause permanent stains to these surfaces.

#5. Question 5. Will Pestie Dotz stick to curved surfaces. Y or N?

Answer:  No.

Pestie Dotz is made from a polymer (plastic) which has the property that it wants to stay in the shape it was made.  Therefore when you apply Pestie Dotz it wants to retain its flat shape.  If you apply to a curved surface, the Pestie Dotz will want to return to its flat state.

#6. Question 6. What gels is Pestie Dotz suitable for?

#7. Question 7. Can Pestie Dotz be mounted on vertical surfaces. Y or N?

Answer:  Yes.

Pestie Dotz is suitable for all smooth flat surfaces – vertical or horizontal.

#8. Question 8. Will Pestie Dotz stick to grease?

#9. Question 9. Are Pestie Dotz suitable for attaching to whitegoods without causing damage?

#10. Question 10. Which of the following is a benefit of using Pestie Dotz?