125 g/L Beta Cyfluthrin

Suspension concentrate

500 mL (Order Code: SUN033)

For the control of cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, flies, silverfish, bed bugs, mosquitoes, clothes moths, carpet beetles, litter beetle, stored product pests and pests of turf and ornamentals as specified on the label

SDS Label Declaration Technical Bulletin

MaxumPRO® 125 SC Highly Concentrated Insecticide 

MaxumPRO is a robust, fast-acting, knock-down, broad spectrum insecticide for general insect control in domestic and commercial situations, as well as for the control of pest insects of turf and ornamental plants.

Key Features:

  • Broad spectrum of activity
  • Highly purified beta cyfluthrin active ingredient
  • Robust suspension concentration formulation
  • Highly concentrated – 500 mL bottle makes up 125L of full strength solution
  • Easy to measure chamber bottle
  • No odour
  • No stains or visible residues
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • UV and temperature stable to 50°C
  • Excellent flushing action
  • Non-flammable
  • Stable in sunlight and on alkaline surfaces
  • Fast knockdown
  • Long residual activity
  • Safe on all turf species
  • Will not affect feeding birds when used according to label
  • Unique Controlled Particle Technology™ (CPT)
  • Unique Transigel Rheology System™ (TRS)

MaxumPRO® carries the Sundew Solutions unconditional replacement guarantee if the product shows any sedimentation in its original container!

The Great Allrounder

Often referred to as “the great allrounder” Sundew MaxumPRO 125 suspension concentrate has long been trusted by pest management and turf care professionals as a must have product. 

What makes MaxumPRO so special?

MaxumPRO is a suspension concentrate insecticide with 125 g/L beta cyfluthrin boasting the unique Controlled Particle Technology (CPT) and Transigel Rheology System (TRS).

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When you have a job where failure is not an option, MaxumPRO is the product for you. 

MaxumPRO boasts a broad range of pest claims in the following areas:

  • Public health pests
  • Turf pests
  • Native plants pests
  • Ornamental pests
  • Azaleas, Hibiscus, Pelargoniums and Rose pests

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Jason Simpson loves Sundew MaxumPRO 125 SC
Jason Simpson loves Sundew MaxumPRO 125 SC

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