Transigel Rheology System

What does this mean to you?

Transigel Rheology System (TRS) has been scientifically developed so that our products won’t ever sediment in their original containers, and the uniquely low viscosity of our product once flowing gives you the best dilution properties on the market.

No other pest control product in the world uses our unique patented thickener package which is responsible for these amazing properties.

Cutting edge science Sundew DeltaPRO versus inferior generic deltamethrin

TRS has been developed using our own state of the art equipment normally found only in Universities. At Sundew Solutions we strongly believe that by investing into our products in this manner we can reverse the poor quality and performance issues that have appeared over the last 15 years with the advent of inconsistent, cheap generic suppliers.

Generic products are cheap because they do everything on the cheap, whether it is the raw materials they use, the manufacturing processes, the Quality Control (QC) procedures or the way the products are first developed. These cheap products are not developed using state of the art equipment and techniques like Sundew Solutions products. The manufacturers of cheap generic products do not have the knowledge or capability to create good consistent, high performing products. These cheap suppliers often take shortcuts with manufacturing processes and do not carry out robust QC testing because these things cost money, and they can’t be as cheap if they spend money on their products.

What is Sedimentation?

Sedimentation is the single biggest issues facing today’s pest management industry.  With the influx of cheap generic products has seen the growing inconsistent performance of these products.

Cheap generic products use cheap thickener packages and do not optimise these thickener packages for performance – the products are cheap because what is in them is cheap and they don’t know how to use them properly.  YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

These inferior products fail to hold the active ingredient in suspension adequately, and over a short period of time due to gravity, the weight of the active causes it to fall to the bottom of your container.  The cheap thickeners and other raw materials then work against the product to cement the active ingredient to the bottom of the container.  No matter how hard you shake the container, it is very difficult to dislodge this thick paste of concentrated active ingredient.

There is no excuse for any product to sediment in this manner, ever. We are appalled at the plethora of cheap, nasty products which have spread into the market that don’t even have the basic structure necessary to prevent sedimentation. In fact, Sundew offers a product replacement guarantee if sedimentation occurs in any of our suspension concentrate products – no other product on the market offers this guarantee!!

What happens next?

Because a significant amount of active ingredient is bound to the bottom of your chemical container, when you measure out and make up your spray mix you are UNDER DOSING the amount of active ingredient and you are spraying out a very diluted mix of chemical.  You will have product failures, customer complaints, and under-performance of your chemical treatment.

As you get to the bottom of your chemical container, when you shake your container large clumps of chemical can be dislodged and then cause issues of blockages and extreme wear and tear on your equipment.

Why are Dilution Properties important in a product?

The dilution property of suspension concentrate (SC) products goes hand-in-hand with the issue of sedimentation discussed above and is a major concern for today’s pest manager.  The cheap thickeners and exipients used in cheap generic products actually reduce the ability for these products to mix fluidly when added to water.

NOTE:  When you combine the issue of Sedimentation and poor Dilution properties, up to 50% of your active ingredient can fail to be delivered to the surfaces you are spraying!  This means product failures, dissatisfied customers, poor performance, call backs, equipment blockages, extreme wear and tear on your gear.  Why risk if for paying a few cents more?  Its a no-brainer.  Demand the best!

The following is a series of photographs taken in our labs showing the dispersion of chemical of a well known cheap generic product compared to Sundew DeltaPRO 25 SC.  The cheaper ‘inferior’ product actually resists mixing with water and remains in clumps falling to the bottom of the measuring cylinder.

NOTE:  At the end of this test, the Generic A cylinder was inverted 8 times and still had visible clumps of product in the bottom of the container.  This demonstrates poor dilution of active ingredient in these types of product.

Which Sundew products have Transigel Rheology System?

The products DeltaPRO 25 SC and MaxumPRO 125 SC are specifically manufactured with the highest grade excipients and unique patented thickener package.

Each and every batch of product is tested before it leaves our manufacturing facility and goes on to you.  Each carefully produced batch is recorded for their water dispersion and viscosity characteristics to ensure they meet the exacting benchmark requirements that modern pest managers demand.

Who should use products with Transigel Rheology System?

Transigel Rheology System is a unique patented innovation found only in Sundew Solutions products.  This innovation will be of interest to modern pest managers who offer guarantees on their services, who want the best formulated product available to do the job, who aren’t happy with ‘second best’ inferior products.  The Sundew products that have the Controlled Particle Technology are the best formulated products on the market for today’s demanding customer needs.

If you want the job done right first time, every time, then you need to be using Sundew Transigel Rheology System products.

At the end of the day, SUNDEW Solutions offer to Australian Professional Pest Managers the best formulated suspension concentrate products bar none!