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Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap

Bottle trap for trapping insects
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Insect traps are used to monitor or directly reduce populations of insects or other arthropods by trapping individuals and killing them.



VESPEX Dominator Bottle Traps are Certified by HACCP International and endorsed as suitable for use in food and beverage facilities.

Research and Development

Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap was designed after testing dozens of local and overseas bottle traps.  These local and overseas traps failed in their ability to consistently trap European wasps once they entered the trap.

After 5 years of in-the-field research and development, and working in conjunction with leading industrial designers we have created what we believe is the ultimate inescapable trap – the Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap.

Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap is recommended for use with VESPEX European Wasp Lure when targeting European wasps (Vespula germanica).  For European wasps foraging for protein the use of raw fish, chicken or other suitable meat products can be substituted in place of liquid lures to attract and capture wasps.

VESPEX European Wasp Lure is a ready-to-use liquid attractant (do not dilute) designed to be used specifically with VESPEX Dominator Bottle TrapsVESPEX European Wasp Lure is available in a convenient 250 mL foil pouch (one pouch per Dominator Trap) or a 5 L bottle for larger trapping programs.

How Does the Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap work when used with Sundew VESPEX European Wasp Lure?

The VESPEX European Wasp Lure has attractants that volatilise (evaporate) off slowly over time.  These volatilised attractants form a ‘vapour’ trail from the VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap.

Two things aid in producing a good vapour trail:

  1. Heat (from the sun), and
  2. Air flow

So when considering locations to install the Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap look for locations that provide exposure to sunlight and provide regular airflow.  This helps produce a vapour trail that foraging European wasps can locate and flow to the VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap.

What locations should be avoided when installing the Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap?

Under Trees / Shrubs

When installing Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Traps you should avoid hanging under trees, shrubs and other vegetation that prevents exposure of the traps to heat and airflow.

Competing Food Sources

Sometimes it is tempting to mount the Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap next too competing food sources.  For example you may observe an animal carcass where European wasps are actively foraging.  It is not recommended to mount a Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle in the vicinity.  Instead, look for an alternative location away (but between) where the flight path is observed.

Water Sources

European wasps need water (lots of it) to help sustain a healthy colony.  Very often they can be seen consuming water from ponds, pools, fountains or other water pooling situations.  It can be tempting to position the Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap right next to these water sources.  However, the flight path habits of European wasps are such that when they take flight they will naturally take a vertical upwards flight before travelling horizontally to their nests.  Dominator Bottle Traps positioned in close proximity will be flown straight over by wasps due to their natural instinct to fly up and away from water sources.

Interestingly the same flight pattern can be observed at the nest of European wasp colony.  If you position a Dominator Bottle Trap in close proximity to a known nest the wasps will generally ignore it and fly straight over the top.  This is a natural behaviour developed over thousands of years to help prevent drawing attention to potential predators of where the nest is located.

Walls and Other Limiting Structures

Sometimes it may be tempting to mount the Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap to a wall or other similar structures.  Generally these are less successful due to reduced airflow and reduced flight path access.  However, if European wasps are in a highly active foraging mode they will find their way into the stations.  As a general rule of thumb, mounting against walls is not recommended.

If Volatilisation of the Special Attractant in Sundew VESPEX European Wasp Lure is What Lures Wasps in, then Why Doesn’t the Dominator Bottle Trap Have Four Entry Holes?

When researching and developing the Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap we tested a vast array of funnel entry point configurations.  What we discovered was that having only two entry points consistently trapped greater numbers of wasps than any other set-up.

Why is this?

By concentrating the flow of volatilised attractants, wasps were able to much more quickly find the entries and establish a path into the traps compared to other stations with multiple access points.

It would be logical to think that more entries would mean more volatilisation.  However, the trials showed that more entries resulted in a diluted vapour trail (and allowing volatilisation too quickly and expending the attractants available), further reducing the efficacy of the station.

Sundew VESPEX Dominator Bottle Trap in Action
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