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Sundew Vespex Baiting Tunnel Bulk Pack

NAME:  Sundew VESPEX Baiting Tunnel Bulk Pack

PRODUCT TYPE:  European wasp Bait Tunnel

50 x Bait Tunnel & Feeder Trays
(Order Code: SUN750)

MARKET SEGMENTS:  Baiting Tunnel and Feeder Tray system for deploying baits, lures or other products.



The Sundew VESPEX Bait Tunnel Bulk Pack contains:

  • 50 x VESPEX Bait Tunnels, and
  • 50 x VESPEX Feeder Trays

Sundew VESPEX Bait Tunnels are:

  • Made in Australia
  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Are 100% recyclable
  • Certified Carbon Neutral
  • Rated to last minimum of 2 years continual outdoor UV exposure
  • Certified by HACCP International and endorsed as suitable for use in food and beverage facilities


VESPEX European wasp baiting programs should only be conducted by Sundew VESPEX Accredited Specialists.  Incorrect installation and use of the VESPEX system could result in unpredictable results. 

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Sundew VESPEX European Wasp Bait Tunnel
Sundew VESPEX European Wasp Bait Tunnel
Sundew Vespex European wasp feeder tray
European Wasp Queen feeding on Sundew Vespex Wasp Lure
Baiting Vespex European Wasp Tunnel Sundew
Sundew Vespex European Wasp Baiting

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