Sundew PUMA 250 EC_Bayfidan 250EC Turf
Sundew Puma 250 EC Turf Fungicide_Triadimenol Bayfidan 250EC

PUMA 250 EC Fungicide



Emulsifiable concentrate

1 L and 5 L

For the control of Dollar Spot, Black Helminthosporium, Take-all patch and Winter Fusarium in turf situations.

SDS Label Technical Bulletin

Product Overview

PUMA 250 EC is a broad spectrum, highly effective, systemic foliar fungicide.  PUMA controls Dollar Spot and other diseases on turf.  

Product Description

It is quickly absorbed by plants and trans-located to sites of infection.  As a highly systemic fungicide, it is less affected by rainfall or irrigation than a typical contact fungicide.  

Key Product Facts

  • Active ingredient: 250 g/L triadimenol
  • Broad spectrum of activity
  • Highly systemic – less affected by rainfall or irrigation than contact type fungicides
  • Protects the entire plant
  • Long residual protection on all diseases
  • Safe on all turfgrass species unlike other triazoles
  • Low hazard to the user and public
  • Rapid curative control of turf diseases
  • Easy to mix and apply

PUMA Turf Fungicide from Sundew Solutions Pty Ltd.

Use & Safety

When to use

November December January February March April May

Where to use

Bowls Golf

What to control

Fusarium, Helminthosporium, Take-all Patch and Dollar spot.

Application rates and delivery

Safety Instructions

  • Always read the label before use.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin as it can irritate them.
  • Do not inhale spray mist.
  • When preparing spray, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist, a washable hat, elbow-length butyl rubber gloves and goggles.
  • If product gets in the eyes, wash it out immediately with water.
  • After use and before eating, drinking or smoking, wash hands, arms and face thoroughly with soap and water.
  • After each day’s use, wash gloves, goggles and contaminated clothing.

How to use

Stir the required quantity of PUMA into water in a spray vat or add with agitators in motion.

Rate of application

  • Preventative control of Dollar Spot: 30 ml per 100 m2
  • Curative control of Dollar Spot (and other applicable diseases): 60 ml per 100 m


  • Curative Dollar Spot control: Apply a high rate under conditions of heavy disease pressure and repeat as necessary.
  • Curative Take-All Patch control: Apply after soil fumigation with methyl bromide. Apply thoroughly, 6-8 weeks after seeding and repeat every 8 weeks for first 2 years (for continued protection).
  • Preventative treatment on all applicable diseases: Apply as a monthly spray. 

Available From

Ace OhlssonFernlandGreenway Turf SolutionsIndigo Specialty ProductsK&B AdamsLiving TurfNuturfOasis Turf, and Simplot.