Your Favourite Products Back by Popular Demand

June 2011
Published Australian Professional Pest Manager Magazine

“You’ve demanded their return.  We’ve made it happen just for you,” said David Priddy, CEO of Sundew Solutions.

Sundew Solutions has been formed by consultant and ex-Bayer business manager, David Priddy to “ … bring back proven professional products that have not just stood the test of time, but have proven their reliability time and time again.”

Mr Priddy said Sundew’s first three offerings are:

  • Sundew BattleaxePRO® Professional Crack and Crevice Aerosol (20g/kg propoxur, 2g/kg tetramethrin, 10g/kg piperonyl Butoxide) previously known as Blattanex;
  • Sundew MaxumPRO® 125 SC Concentrate Insecticide (125g/L betacyfluthrin) previously known as Responsar Beta 125 SC; and
  • Sundew DeltaPRO® 25 (deltamethrin 25 g/L) — a concentrated suspension concentrate.

“The names may have changed,” Mr Priddy said “but their impact effectiveness and reliability remains spot-on, just as it always used to be,” he said.

Mr Priddy said Sundew BattleaxePRO aerosol — packaged in an “extra large” 420g commercial size with a 15cm ‘custom made’ extension tube is “ … by far the most loved and requested product by professional pest managers across the country.”

“We had the extension tubes custom extruded in Melbourne after finding standard off-the-shelf tubes did not have a large enough internal bore to allow a good spray distribution from the end of the tube,” Mr Priddy said.

“Problems with aerosol extension tubes and fittings are legendary with leakages and blockages around actuator buttons and sloppy fittings.”

“That’s why we have worked with our packaging suppliers to ensure the fittings used in the BattleaxePRO canisters have a very tight fit,” he said.

Mr Priddy said he finds the best way to fit the new extension tube is to “ … pop the white button off the top of the can, push the extension tube into it and then slip the button back onto the can.”

He said with a wide range of pests including bed bugs, approved for control by BattleaxePRO, canisters have been fitted with a special 360 degree valve that allows the product to be used at any angle.

Mr Priddy said Sundew MaxumPRO 125 SC in its previous ‘Responsar incarnation’ was “ … one of the mainstream synthetic pyrethroid sprays in a highly concentrated form.”

He said it had been marketed by Bayer as the ‘pest managers great all-rounder’.

“MaxumPRO is effective against many pests.  It has a highly effective flushing action, displays great knockdown properties and has a long lasting residual action,” he said.

Mr Priddy said available in a 500mL chamber pack, MaxumPRO is stable in sunlight, high temperatures and on alkaline surfaces.

“It can be used both indoors and outdoors;  in domestic, industrial, commercial and government premises.”

“Pest managers across Australia have been prompting us to bring MaxumPRO to market, and we’ve listened to what they’ve said and done the hard yards to make this product come back to life,” he said.

Mr Priddy said DeltaPRO will be available in both 1L chamber packs and 5L jerry can ‘value packs’.

“We decided to introduce DeltaPRO 25 after feedback suggesting that pest managers were unhappy with current deltamethrin products on the market.”

“Rather than copying an existing product, we came up with our own uniquely formulated offering.

“I so firmly believe our Sundew DeltaPRO 25 is the best formulated product in the market place, that I am offering a product replacement guarantee that both of our SC formulations — DeltaPRO and MaxumPRO — will not ‘sediment out’ in their original containers,” he said.

Mr Priddy said all three products can be purchased through Agserv, David Gray, Garrards Australia, Globe Australia, and Jade Chemical in June 2011.