Sept 2011
Published in Australian Professional Pest Manager Magazine

New cutting edge formulation technology is moving Sundew Solutions to forefront in professional pest management product development.

“The first time I used MaxumPRO, I felt like I was finally doing a good service for customer … I was just wrapped,” exclaimed an excited Mr Tim Legg, owner of EXODUS Pest Control and the Australian winner of Pest Manager of the Year 2011.

In mid June of 2011, Sundew Solutions made commercially available to pest management professionals two new technically advanced suspension concentrate (SC) insecticides:  DeltaPRO® 25 SC insecticide (deltamethrin) and MaxumPRO® 125 SC super concentrated insecticide (beta-cyfluthrin).

“When you look at cheaper generic products you get a little bit excited that your cost per litre is going to go right down, but then the warranty calls start coming in and that pales into insignificance compared to buying these (Sundew) products to do the job properly the first time to save having those really expensive call backs,” Tim explained.

“One of the things that have been concerning me about a lot of the products we’ve been using, generics and R&D products, is the visible residue they leaving on highly polished surfaces,” explained Tim.  “While trialling MaxumPRO we used it at a job with polished cypress pine floors where I applied it in a nice sunny spot and when I went back there was no evidence of residues at all – it’s great stuff!”

Tim went on to explain, “We are very excited to see the Sundew DeltaPRO on the market.  Once Responsar Beta was taken off the market we moved to the supposed product equivalent which we didn’t have any success with.  We then moved to their deltamethrin which wasn’t the best.  We had over 700 call backs … this was very frustrating and costly.  We then went and tried some of the cheap generic products where the price was attractive, but again we had no joy with performance.  As soon as we made the switch to Sundew DeltaPRO we found that it dropped the spiders like the old Cislin used to … we’re very happy with its effectiveness and we haven’t had a callback.”

These excellent performance characteristics of Sundew DeltaPRO and MaxumPRO are attributed to the two patented unique innovations in its SC formulations that no other products can offer in Australia: Controlled Particle Technology™ and Transigel Rheology System.

What does this mean for you?

 Controlled Particle Technology (CPT) offers the perfect bi-modal blend of tiny submicron particles that have been shown to give a rapid knockdown with a complement of larger particles which provide excellent residual control on even the most porous surfaces.  This gives these products the best all-round performance on the market – fast acting on the largest range of surfaces.

Transigel Rheology System (TRS) has been scientifically developed so that our products won’t ever sediment in their original containers, and the uniquely low viscosity of our product once flowing gives you the best dilution properties on the market. No other pest control product in the world uses our patented unique thickener package which is responsible for these amazing properties.

Tim observed that, “One thing we’ve noticed when we’ve been mixing Sundew DeltaPRO compared to other products out there is how it disperses through water, it’s just amazing. Its something we haven’t seen before.  Often you just see other products when you pour them just go straight to the bottom of the tank and often obviously stay there.  When we put Sundew DeltaPRO in, it just mixed so easily.   It is comforting to me to know that the active is evenly distributed in my tank and not sitting at the bottom, and knowing when you’re spraying an area that it’s getting the whole amount of active it is supposed to get.  It’s a unique kind of science.”

At the end of the day, Sundew offers to Professional Pest Managers the best formulated suspension concentrate products money can buy with their unconditional product replacement guarantee if they show any sedimentation in its original container.

Sundew DeltaPRO and MaxumPRO are available now from your local reseller outlet.   Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, demand the best!  To see the full candid interview of Tim Legg from EXODUS discussing his experiences of Sundew products type the following into your web browser:  For more information visit, email or call 1800 786 339.