ANTagonistPRO polymer enhanced bifenthrin fire ants



Polymer Enhanced Synthetic Pyrethroid

Suspension Concentrate

1L & 5L

For the control of ants (including Red Imported Fire Ants and Yellow Crazy Ants) and a range of urban pests, and for the control of a range of pests in ornamental plants and turf as specified in the directions for use.

SDS Label Declaration Technical Bulletin

ANTagonistPRO Approved to safeguard vehicles against red imported fire ants and yellow crazy ants.

In a groundbreaking move for invasive pest control in Australia, ANTagonistPRO has received official approval on the 29th November 2023 for treating vehicles (see note below re ‘vehicles’)earth-moving equipment, and shipping containers to prevent the spread of red imported fire ants and yellow crazy ants. This marks a significant milestone in the fight against invasive ant species that pose a threat to both ecosystems and human activities. With this approval, the country embraces a holistic approach to containment, addressing not only the transport of goods but also the machinery and equipment crucial to various industries.

The application of ANTagonistPRO within shipping containers extends beyond the conventional, allowing it to be strategically applied to pallets, machinery, and goods related to plant nurseries. This innovation comes as a response to the challenges posed by invasive ant species infiltrating vital sectors of the economy. As an Australian first, this approval positions ANTagonistPRO as a key player in safeguarding not only the environment but also the integrity of industries dependent on the smooth movement of goods. The versatility of its application demonstrates a commitment to comprehensive pest management, setting a precedent for other regions grappling with similar invasive species issues.

With ANTagonistPRO’s expanded scope of approval, industries across Australia can now fortify their defenses against the relentless intrusion of red imported fire ants and yellow crazy ants. This development not only protects vital sectors but also showcases Sundew Solutions dedication to innovative solutions in limiting the spread of invasive tramp ant species.  

VEHICLES:  including but not limited to cars, buses, earth moving equipment, trucks, rail cars and recreational vehicles.  Refer to product details for further definitions.

APRIL 2021 Update
Following extensive research and trials in the field in South East Queensland, Sundew Solutions is pleased to announce the approval by the APVMA to add the treatment of Red Imported Fire Ants and Yellow Crazy Ants to Sundew ANTagonistPRO 80 SC polymer enhanced insecticide.

ANTagonistPRO has been used in Australia and overseas by pest management professionals, turf care professionals, and Government authorities both locally and overseas for many years for the treatment of the tramp ant known as Argentine Ants.  ANTagonistPRO has been used as part of a treatment program in overseas locations to successfully eradicate Argentine ants in national parks and other locations.  The addition of Red Imported Fire Ants and Yellow Crazy Ants is an exciting and keenly welcomed inclusion to the ANTagonistPRO label.  The advanced polymer technology UNIQUE to ANTagonistPRO will give professionals treating Red Imported Fire Ants and Yellow Crazy Ants and unparalleled tool in the successful treatment of these invasive tramp ant species.

What is ANTagonistPRO?
ANTagonistPRO is a suspension concentrate formulation containing revolutionary Polymer Enhanced technology.  It is a broad spectrum insecticide which is highly effective on a broad range of turf and ornamental pests with excellent turf and ornamental safety.

Key Features:

  • High level of efficacy against turf and ornamental pests
  • NOW approved for Red Imported Fire Ants and Yellow Crazy Ants – April 2021
  • Available in a convenient 1 L easy measure chamber pack or 5 L bulk saver jerry bottle
  • Formulation chemistry safe to use on all turf and plant species – excellent safety profil
  • Broad spectrum of control
  • Strong residual activity
  • Excellent water based suspension concentrate formulation
  • Reliable, high quality aqueous concentrate formulation
  • Unique Polymer Enhanced formulation technology
  • Minimum or no odour

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