The Sundew Promise

The Sundew Company exists to provide the best-in-market quality professional solutions. The basic proposition of our business is simple. To do the best possible service for your clients you have to have the best possible solutions. Our solutions provide confidence, credibility, and leading-edge-science that users can stake their reputations on and feel that they are doing a ‘good job’ each and every time they use a
Sundew Brand.

That is the key to fulfilling our ultimate obligation to providing professional solutions.


  • "Ants in Townsville are a year round problem and I was keen to give something new a go which sounded like it might be suited to the conditions here.  With heavy rain in the wet season and high UV levels all year an ant product has to be pretty good to work here.

    I tried ANTagonistPRO at a couple of problem sites - the sorts of place you expect to have a recall.  There is so many different types of ants here and so much pressure that baits just can't cut it a lot of the time.  I treated ant trails and around the perimeter of the houses.

    There's been some extreme weather, as usual, in the meantime but I haven't had to go back to a single ANTagonistPRO job.  It looks like it's well suited to these extreme Townsville conditions."

    Eric Dibden Pod's Pest Control - Townsville QLD
  • "I have a large resort which has had a big population of white footed ants - there was a trail 6 ants wide and 20 meters long which I treated with ANTagonistPRO.  Seven months later there are still no ants in the area I've treated.

    I've tried other non-repellent ant products and found that after rain they only last a couple of months at best.  ANTagonistPRO is looking really promising at the 7th month since spraying - I'm sold on this innovative new product."

    Jay Turner Lagoona Pest Control - Noosa QLD
  • "We had over 700 product failures with a large R&D company's deltamethrin product.  We were tempted with a cheap generic which turned out very costly with call-backs.  Today our team uses Sundew DeltaPRO and MaxumPRO because our business reputation relies on using the best products for the job.  It's that simple."

    Tim Legg - 2011 Pest Manager of the Year EXODUS Pest Control Brisbane
  • "Hello Sundew Team.  I've been using MaxumPRO this season for Bed Bug control.  Normally we use a 2 pronged attack with Deltamethrin, but we have found MaxumPRO controls them in just 1 application with no call backs so far this season.  Its a very easy to use product.  With the eco friendly squeeze measure pack this means less chemical exposure to our techs, and the unique chemical to emulsion mix dissolves in seconds.  Once MaxumPRO is applied you will notice there is NO smell or chalky residue to make your clients unhappy.  Homes with kids, pets and plants are not a problem with MaxumPRO ... what can I say, I love this product.  It makes my job so easy.  I think Sundew products are the new benchmark for the rest of the industry to follow.  Many thanks, Jason Simpson Director."

    Jason Simpson - Director South Sydney Pest Control
  • “We use to use the old Bayer Blattanex and it was a sad day when it was no longer available.  But now the new Sundew BattleaxePRO aerosol is available with the same 3 way mix of propoxur, tetramethrin and PBO I am very happy.  BattleaxePRO is just awesome on wasps - it just drops them on the spot - it has an instant knockdown that no other product on the market comes close to. It's amazing vapour action takes out roaches and other pests hidden behind walls or in cavities that no other product can imitate.  Don't kid yourself, BattleaxePRO is the best aerosol product on the market for professional pest controllers.  Its our product of choice and I'm glad to see it back!”

    Derek Davies - Lead Technician Allgon Pest Control Brisbane
  • “We do a mixture of commercial, residential and rural pest control services.  Historically we have used Bayer Cislin.  I made the switch to Delta Aqua (Sundew DeltaPRO) primarily because it works!  I would regard efficacy the same as the original Cislin 10.  But with DeltaPRO we have had a zero call-back rate.  I can’t remember doing any call-backs since I’ve been using this product for the last two years.  It mixes well.  We don’t get a lot of chemical burn if it gets on your skin.  Definitely less than Cislin.  Our business is so busy that we can’t afford to have to do call backs.  So it’s great to have a product that performs like this does.  I also don’t have time to look at new products, so when I get onto a great new product like DeltaPRO, I stick with it.”

    Glen Wylie The Spider Man